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Friday, 10 December 2010 23:18
Chair Pad Black - short hair Chair Pad White - short hair Chair Pad Grey - short hair Chair Pad Dusty Brown - short hair

Chair Pads - short hair

Perfect for all chairs, since the short hair nestles naturally around the shape of the chair. The chair cushion has a thin foil on the back to prevent the cushion from sliding on the surface. Therefore the back can also be washed with a damp cloth.

Approx. 40 x 40cm
Hair length; long-haired:
approx. 15cm
Hair length; short-haired:
approx. 5cm

Chair Pad Black
Item nr. 205
Size: 40x40cm
Hairlength: 5cm
Chair Pad White
Item nr. 206
Size: 40x40cm
Hairlength: 5cm
Chair Pad Grey
Item nr. 207
Size: 40x40cm
Hairlength: 5cm
Chair Pad Dusty Brown
Item nr. 208
Size: 40x40cm
Hairlength: 5cm


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