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Friday, 10 December 2010 23:18
Reindeer Reindeer Deluxe


Reindeerskin from free-roaming reindeer in Northern Sweden.
Reindeer are very well adapted to snow and cold and their fur is dense, consisting of underfur and long, air filled guardhair.

The colour of reindeerskin varies naturally.
The colours appear in a variation of brown, white, and silver grey.
That's why every skin is unique!

Use the skin inside and outside, as decoration on the wall, as a rug on the floor, on the sofa, or in your chair.
We recommend that you don't walk over or sit on the skin every day, since reindeer hair is hollow and can be flattened as a result of daily contact.
Measurements: approx. 110/130 x 70/80cm
Hair length: approx. 4cm
Colour: Mottled brown or white.

Item nr. 501
Size: approx. 120x75cm
Hairlength: 4cm


Reindeer - Deluxe
Item nr. 502
Size: approx. 120x75cm
Hairlength: 4cm







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